The Electric Cheetah


Electric Cheetah is a familiar name among residents of Grand Rapids, but seeing that it’s only my second year in Grand Rapids and I have also yet to dine there, I had to give it a try.

A friendly host will greet you immediately as you enter Electric Cheetah – and seeing how popular it is, expect a crowd and a waiting time of at least 15 minutes.

I tried to dine here once on a Saturday night, but ended up heading to another restaurant in the end because of the long waiting list.

DSC03105After about 20 minutes of wait, we got in! The interior is warm and cozy, although not the most spacious. It can still sit a respectable amount of guests, though.

Do check out their menu on their website, listed below! It’s not extremely extensive, but that’s the way I like it – no need to stress over a big list of choices.


I can’t say the same about the root beer list though. I never imagined in my life that I would get a headache over choosing root beer. #firstworldproblems

Their array of craft root beer selections.
Dad’s Old Fashioned Root Beer ($3)

We ended up with the Old Fashioned Root Beer, Jones, and the Butterscotch. Good ol’ traditional Old Fashioned Root Beer was one of my favorites. Its heavy flavor and light sweetness is just the way I like my root beer. The Jones, made with cane sugar, was a little lighter in flavor and a tad sweeter. The Butterscotch though… tastes like guilty pleasure. The sweet aroma in the butterscotch aftertaste made the drink amazing.

Combination of 2: Soup and Ye Olde Mexican Quinoa Kurt ($10)
Combination of 2: The Club Babalu Tickle and Jive Turkey Salad ($10)
Burgertime with Sweet Potato Fries ($13)
Meat Mountain with Sweet Potato Fries ($15)

I got the Meat Mountain and switched the chips for some sweet potato fries. The sandwich with fried egg, smoked brisket, and pickles had a great blend of flavors and texture. The sweet potato fries came with dipping sauces of your choice – I went for charred chili (my personal favorite) and the garlic buttermilk herb. Yum!

The Club Babalu Tickle with Sweet Potato Fries ($13)

Electric Cheetah serves up a pleasant dining experience and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


Did I enjoy the food? Absolutely. Would I return again? You know it. I probably wouldn’t visit quite as often though because the price range is on the higher side of my budget, but it definitely makes for a hearty meal made with quality, fresh ingredients.

If you have yet to try Electric Cheetah, I highly recommend that you do!
If you have been to Electric Cheetah, let me know what you think about this place!

Electric Cheetah
1015 Wealthy St SE
Grand Rapids, MI

Operation hours:
Mon-Wed 11am-9-pm
Thu-Sat 11am-10pm
Sunday 10am-4pm


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