Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop

I know, I know… I’ve been MIA for awhile now… That’s only because I’ve been honing my sense of taste in another country – The UK!

I’ve been debating whether or not I should keep this blog up and running, because let’s be honest – who really is here reading it?

*awkward silence*

But I’ve decided to keep at it, for myself, because I want to make myself explore everything Grand Rapids has to offer – and what better way to get to know GR than through food?

It also gives me a reason to eat out every now and then, and maybe friends who are reading this (holla) can take me out and join me on my quest!

Back to the food.

On a beautiful, sunny Thursday morning, my friends and I decided to hop on over to Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop for lunch. Sitting on Wealthy Street, this tiny soup shack was already spotting a line by the time we got there.




Where there’s a line, the food is fine.
If you gotta queue up, they know what’s up.
If you have to wait, you know it’s great.

You’re probably cringing right now, but I assure you the soups here are far from being cringe-worthy.

Upon arrival, friendly staff members will offer to answer any questions and even offer soup samples for you to taste. This might be helpful for first-timers because I must admit that the menu looked a little overwhelming at first glance.

All soups come with a choice of challah, pretzel bread or oyster crackers, and there are other sides that you could add as well. There are various sizes being offered, the smallest being 12oz at $5 (they also have it at 16oz and 32 oz).


Today, I opted for the Greek Lemon Chicken soup. The soup was served piping hot and it tasted simply delicious – creamy deliciousness that isn’t too overwhelming thanks to its slight tangy flavor. I love soups because they are the epitome of comfort food, and this one definitely fits the description.

They have 12 made-from-scratch soups on the menu with a variety of options to suit different dietary needs, so there’s definitely something for everyone. The menu is changed daily, so it’s worth a returning visit for sure!

Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop
1133 Wealthy St SE,
Grand Rapids MI

Operation Hours
Mon-Sat: 11am-8pm
Sun: 12pm-4pm



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