That Early Bird

Disclaimer: Previous entries have been written as reviews because this blog was meant to fulfill an assignment for my class. I’ve decided to restart this food blog because I still love food as much as I ever did before. But this time, I want to use The GR(eat) Escape as a platform to remember Grand Rapids through food. I want to collect memories of the places I visit with my friends, so that I can look through this blog in the future, and remember the great times, meals, and moments I share with my friends in Grand Rapids. 

So what does this mean? I don’t really know yet, but it definitely means that I am looking for friends to embark on this journey with me! 

Shall we begin?


It’s a gloomy but warm-ish day in January. How odd.
Not that I’m complaining. I always welcome a warmer day.

Big appetite, eh?

Introducing my first partner in crime, Esther Ryou. #basicbuddies
Of all the days to not bring her DSLR camera… At least we have her vlogging camera (that makes super loud noises when you try to focus, no biggie; also, did you know she used to be a Youtuber? Time to dig for her videos).

Anyways, I decided to pay That Early Bird a visit because I saw that they had ramen (shoutout to Jessica) on Instagram. Also, anything with soup goes well with a gloomy day.


Avocado Smash

I was disappointed. The ramen was oily, and my chasu was burnt. And why do they even put pickles in my ramen? Bizarre. The avocado smash wasn’t all that great either. At least the food gave us an opportunity to complain about it together.

The chai latte was good though. I think I’ll stick to drinks when I return to That Early Bird.


P.S.: Esther, I’m still not convinced there are olives in your dish.

That Early Bird

1445 Lake Dr SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Operation Hours
Monday — Saturday: 7am — 9pm
Sunday: 8am — 9pm


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