And the sushi hunt continues!
It’s a personal mission of mine to visit all of the Japanese restaurants in Grand Rapids.


To add to my list, I decided to try out the sushi-rito (sushi + burrito) in Jaku! It’s a little further down south from Calvin College (20 minutes), but I think it’s worth the trip because where else can you find sushi-ritos in GR?

Lily’s got skillz.


Introducing my food buddy for the day, Lily!




Both of us really loved the modern interior because it reminded us of cafes from back home, and it really had an LA vibe to it, which was cool.



Like other Japanese eateries, their menu is pretty extensive, but we came for the sushi-ritos. I got the Angry Unagi while Lily got the Bulgogi. Each came with one sauce by the side.

The man was intrigued by my camera with a flip screen.

They were pretty good! Good food leads to good conversations, I believe. From traveling to food to ambitions, it’s really cool to hang out with someone who shares some common interests with you. Besides, the ride back was jam-worthy too.

Anyway, we got dessert because of my motto in life – perfection is often achieved in equilibrium, except when it comes to sushi and dessert. Just kidding. Kinda.


The green tea tiramisu was alright. My only fault with it was that it didn’t taste like green tea at all – it was just a regular tiramisu.

Overall, I’d probably return to try the other sushi-ritos, but I’ll skip the tiramisu.

1671 SE Marketplace Dr,
Caledonia, MI 49316

Operation Hours
Mon – Sat | 11:30am – 9:30pm (till 10pm on weekends)
Sun | 12pm – 9pm


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