Seoul Market

It’s about time Korean food made an appearance on my blog!
(Actually, I navigate my decisions by my cravings – gotta trust my gut.)

I’ve been to Seoul Market quite a few times now, but I thought it’d be fun to bring a friend who hasn’t been along. Besides, it’s a wonderfully sunny, warm day. No better day to treat yoself.


Food buddy of the day is none other than Julia!
You know you found a good food buddy when you can talk about food (and traveling, but mostly about food) for a good 2 hours. Such joy.

Soondubu jiggae ($8)



I got the soondubu jiggae (tofu stew) while Julia got the bulgogi beef. Too good.
I missed some good spicy stew.


And the side dishes were great too. I mean, they had kim chi pancake and jap chae (glass noodles).

I probably took the “treat yoself” part too far when I ended the meal with mochi ice cream… but, y’know… #noragrets.

Seoul Market
660 36th St SW,
Wyoming, MI 49509

Operating Hours
Mon – Thurs, Sat: 9am – 9pm
Fri: 9am – 10pm
Sun: 12pm – 7pm


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