Wealthy Street Bakery Inc

Coffee shops are some of the best places to hang out, but you know what’s better than coffee? Coffee and baked goods.




The cute little cafe is tucked away on an unfamiliar part of Wealthy street, and it boasts a variety of drinks (including wine – Jules would know), sandwiches, baked goods, and even pizza!

Lavender & Vanilla Latte ($4) and Ham & Cheese Croissant ($3.50)

I settled for the lavender vanilla latte and a ham & cheese croissant, which proved to be a great teatime snack.

Katie & her scone.

Katie, Jules, and I originally planned to “study” there.
But, y’know, we didn’t.

The lovely ladies, and a scone (you can’t not acknowledge a scone).

Instead, we talked about food, discussed theology (Matt will be proud), reminisced about York, and raved about the lavender vanilla latte.

I mean, isn’t that what cafes are for?

Wealthy Street Bakery Inc
610 Wealthy St SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Operation Hours
Mon – Sat | 6:30am – 9pm


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