Ato Sushi

And the sushi hunt continues! At this rate, I just might be able to explore all the Japanese eateries in Grand Rapids before the year ends…

This time, I made my way downtown to Ato Sushi!


They offer a variety of options for lunch (11am – 2:30pm), ranging from $9 – $15, and it comes with miso soup.


I ordered the Sushi Box combo ($12) which came with salad, tempura, california roll, 3 nigiri sushi, and rice. I also ordered one Inari sushi ($2) because why not.


Service was great and the people were friendly, but the food wasn’t amazing. I like the tempura, but something about the tempura shrimp texture just threw me off. The nigiri was good, but the california roll was kinda meh. 

I’d like to return to try other things like their takoyaki and soba because I can hardly find other places that serve these things, but I’d probably wouldn’t order this again.

Ato Sushi
180 Monroe Ave NW,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Operation Hours
Mon – Sat: 11am – 10pm


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