Anna’s House


I don’t think this place really needs an introduction given its popularity among local folks.
This cute little shop, situated right across Woodland Mall, takes pride in being one of the best breakfast places in Michigan.


Graham in action.

I brought aspiring editor/journalist Graham along with me this time to celebrate his birthday (maybe it’ll inspire him to write about food some day, eh?).

We had to wait for 30-minutes because it was a busy, Saturday morning (Michiganders really do love breakfast food, don’t they?).
But since it was a nice, sunny day, Graham and I just sat outside on a bench chatting about life, hobbies, and everything in between.

Once we got our seats and ordered, we were served our food in no time. I got the Candied Pecan & Banana Stuffed French Toast with a side of bacon, because I always love a good pairing of sweet and savory, while Graham got himself a burger.

Candied Pecan & Banana Stuffed French Toast ($11.25)


House Burger ($8.75) with Sweet Potato Fries ($2.50)

It was an interesting bread choice, but I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. The sweet, crunchy pecans, with the soft bananas, fluffy bread, and smoky bacon all went really well together.

The food was great, and so was the company.
If you don’t mind waiting a little bit, I would definitely recommend this place.

Anna’s House
2409 E Beltline Ave SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Operation Hours
Daily: 6am – 3pm


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