Gita Pita



These two goofballs (Collin & Lily) brought me to Gita Pita to get our Mediterranean food fix. It’s located in downtown, but for some reason we took almost an hour to reach. Hm.


Gita Pita is tucked away on a stretch of other shops and eateries. Its interior is simple, unassuming, and unlikely to catch your attention (unlike Lily’s red, roaring, flaming car… jk pls don’t hate me Lily).



Gita Pita offers freshly made Mediterranean food – from shawarmas to falafels and gyros, there’s something for everyone. In true “made fresh” fashion, you’ll walk through the line with the assistance of a friendly staff to customize and build your dish just the way you like it.


Pita (insert Hunger Games joke)!

I got a pita with gyro and topped it off with loads of vegetables, tzatziki sauce, and some chili sauce for some kick.

Lily’s chicken shawarma bowl

The pita was excellent. I rarely eat Mediterranean cuisine, but I think I must be missing out the rich flavors and yummy goodness.

How to make starving college kids happy.

P.S. They have 10% discount for students!

Gita Pita
2 Jefferson Ave SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Operation Hours
Mon – Fri: 11am – 10pm
Sat: 11am – 9pm
Sun: 12pm – 9pm


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