The Green Well

I’ve been nagging Julie to bring me to The Green Well to try their truffle fries, and we finally decided to go as a post-interview celebration (not really, but any reason is a good reason to eat).


We made our way to Cherry Street, one of my favorite streets because they have all kinds of food there. To our delight (nah, I planned for this), it was Devour Hour – meaning special prices for snacks and drinks! Before we started ordering our food, we had truffle fries because it’s not wise to order on an empty stomach (nah we just wanted truffle fries).

Truffle Fries ($5 for Devour Hour)

The fries were amazing! Although I would’ve like the flavors from the truffle oil to be more pronounced, the fries were crispy and fluffy, and the lightly-tossed herbs gave it a richer aroma and flavors. It’s basically when fries tries to be classy – and it worked! To be fair, can you really hate fries?

Cherry Street Pork Posole ($17)

I ordered the Cherry Street Pork Posole, a dish containing tomato broth, hominy, slowly braised pork, tomato, onion, roasted red peppers, topped with guacamole and served with corn tortilla chips. And yes, I ordered it because it had guacamole. It was really tasty, though I kinda wish I could add some spice to it. The portion was generous and I couldn’t even finish it.

Cuban Sandwich($13)

Julie got the Cuban Sandwich, which looked really good and, again, was huge. Overall, The Green Well served up some quality food, but because of the price range, I doubt I would return often. However, I can definitely see myself returning for Devour Hour to munch on truffle fries while sipping on some of their wide array of drinks.

The Green Well
924 Cherry St SE,
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Operating Hours
Sun – Thurs: 11am – 10pm
Fri – Sat: 11am – 12am


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